Burlap Post-apocalyptic Steampunk Mask Tutorial

Steampunk Post-Apocalyptic Burlap Mask Tutorial

How to make a steampunk styled mask out of burlap and other easy materials In this video project I combined the common scarecrow mask material, burlap, with a cool and creepy post-apocalyptic steampunk design. This monster mask has goggles, mouth opening with blood lines. It’s also aged and distressed with … Continue reading

Severed Head Tutorial, with burlap, cheap skull, blood guts and more

Severed head tutorial

How to corpse a cheap skull with burlap to look like a severed head This project is perfect as a stand alone prop of a severed head, in a jar or bell jar. Also can be used on a body as part of a prop. All the details in this … Continue reading

How to make latex masks tutorial

How to make latex masks

Tutorial to make easy latex masks at home In this tutorial we’ll be making latex masks that can be used for props, busts or even to wear. The materials are cheap and easy to find and using the techniques below, you’ll have full creative control! Here’s the video and the … Continue reading

Horrornament 1 – DIY Corpsed Eye Horror Christmas Ornament

Eyeball Horrornament Tutorial

How to make “Horrornaments” tutorial – The evil eye DIY holiday ornament Here’s a really cool tutorial to cure those Halloween blues, especially during the holidays that follow. This “horrornament” will fit perfectly in your Christmas tree or could hang creepily anywhere else…like your rearview mirror. For this cool tutorial, … Continue reading

Scarecrow 1 – How to make a Jack O’Lantern Scarecrow

Pumpkin Scarecrow Tutorials

Pumpkin Scarecrow – Tutorial for a great scarecrow prop using easy to find materials This is a traditional Halloween prop that combines the old fashioned scarecrow and the famous Halloween staple, the Jack O’Lantern. This tutorial is more of a guideline on how to make a scarecrow, with a pumpkin head. … Continue reading

Teeth 1 – Super easy fake teeth tutorial using fake nails

How to make teeth with fake nails

Easy Teeth Tutorial – Cool teeth using fake nails NEW! With video (scroll all the way to the bottom or click here) Also, here’s the other tutorial for teeth using hot glue (opens in new window, click here) In this super easy tutorial we will make some cool teeth using … Continue reading

Ghost 1 – How to make a packing tape and trash bag ghost tutorial

Tape and Trash Bag Ghost Tutorial

How to make a ghost out of packing tape and trash bags (video below)   In this super easy tutorial we will learn how to make a ghost out of clear trash bags and clear packing tape. The translucency of the bags and tape make this ghost look more ethereal … Continue reading

Spider 1 – Corpsing a Cheap Plastic Spider

Tutorial for corpsing cheap plastic spiders

Spider 1 – How To Corpse a Cheap Plastic Spider to Make a Realistic Arachnid Prop In this tutorial we take cheap plastic spiders then chop them up, glue them back together, corpse them and finish them to look way more realistic and spooky. An easy and cheap Halloween decoration using … Continue reading

Silhouette 1- Creepy Boy In Window Silhouette Tutorial

Creepy Boy Silhouette Tutorial

Window Silhouette – Easy DIY Creepy Boy In Window Silhouette Tutorial Scroll to bottom for video… This is probably the easiest tutorial ever, especially for the bang for the buck you get. This is so creepy that my neighbor came over and asked if I could remove the boy, or … Continue reading

Eyes 1 – Easy Realistic Eyes Eyeball Tutorial

How to make realistic eyes tutorial

Eyes 1 -Easy DIY Realistic Eyes and Eyeball Tutorial Scroll to bottom for video… In this tutorial I will show you how to make very realistic eyes and eyeballs easily with very easy to find and cheap materials. These can be used as stand alones, in a specimen jar, in … Continue reading