Burlap Post-apocalyptic Steampunk Mask Tutorial

Steampunk Post-Apocalyptic Burlap Mask Tutorial

How to make a steampunk styled mask out of burlap and other easy materials In this video project I combined the common scarecrow mask material, burlap, with a cool and creepy post-apocalyptic steampunk design. This monster mask has goggles, mouth opening with blood lines. It’s also aged and distressed with … Continue reading

Severed Head Tutorial, with burlap, cheap skull, blood guts and more

Severed head tutorial

How to corpse a cheap skull with burlap to look like a severed head This project is perfect as a stand alone prop of a severed head, in a jar or bell jar. Also can be used on a body as part of a prop. All the details in this … Continue reading

How to Make Fake Gums and Jawbones

Fake Realistic Gums and Jawbones

Gums and Jawbones DIY Tutorial This easy video tutorial will show you how I make gums and jawbones which I use in my different scenes. These look great in props or even as a standalone specimen in a glass jar. Materials: Fake teeth (tutorial here) Toilet paper roll Florist wire … Continue reading

How to corpse a cheap skull with toilet paper and glue

How to corpse a cheap skull with toilet paper and glue This is the second in our Cheap Dollar Store Skull corpsing series. To see the first skull in the series, just click here: Spray Foam Corpsed Dollar Store Skull See the video here: Tools and materials: Cheap plastic skull Toilet … Continue reading

How to corpse a cheap skull with spray foam

How to corpse a cheap skull

How to corpse a cheap skull with spray foam This is a super easy technique to corpse a skull or any other prop that needs to be fleshy and chunky. This is the first of 3 corpsing techniques using cheap dollar store skulls. Watch the video here: Materials: Cheap skull … Continue reading

How to make latex masks tutorial

How to make latex masks

Tutorial to make easy latex masks at home In this tutorial we’ll be making latex masks that can be used for props, busts or even to wear. The materials are cheap and easy to find and using the techniques below, you’ll have full creative control! Here’s the video and the … Continue reading

Spellbook 1 – How to make an Illuminati Spell Book

Illuminati Spell Book Tutorial

Tutorial to make an Illuminati All-seeing Eye Spell Book This is a really cool and easy tutorial to make a creepy corpsed Illuminati Spell Book. This prop has the “all-seeing” eye and it glows with the flameless votive inside it. Go ahead and make this spell book, but beware the … Continue reading

VLOG05282016 – Some garage sale finds and thrift store shopping vlog

Shopping vlog 05282016

Garage sale treasures and thrift store shopping – VLOG May 28, 2016 In this short vlog I go check out my neighbor’s garage sale and find a few cool and creepy items. Later that day I go shopping at Goodwill (thrift shop) and get some materials for future tutorials and scary … Continue reading

SFX Holes Makeup – Trypophobia and eggs and maggots SFX makeup

SFX Holes Trypophobia Makeup Tutorial

Special Effects Holes and maggots makeup tutorial Here’s our very own version of the famous and really creepy holes makeup. This SFX (special effects) makeup is really easy to do and has awesome impact and creep and gag factor. Try it out and tag us @monsterutorials in Instagram! Make sure … Continue reading

Monster Tutorials In-Between Show Episode 2

The Monster Tutorials In-Between Show Episode 2 In this episode of The “In-Between Show” We recap the previous tutorial, which was the Corpsed Eye Horrornament. We talk about having a whole series of horrornaments and possibly making a playlist to refer to during that slow time between Halloween and Christmas. … Continue reading