SFX Holes Makeup – Trypophobia and eggs and maggots SFX makeup

SFX Holes Trypophobia Makeup Tutorial

Special Effects Holes and maggots makeup tutorial Here’s our very own version of the famous and really creepy holes makeup. This SFX (special effects) makeup is really easy to do and has awesome impact and creep and gag factor. Try it out and tag us @monsterutorials in Instagram! Make sure … Continue reading

Easy DIY Wound Wax – How to make your own Nose and Scar Wax

Super easy and cheap recipe for DIY Nose and Scar Wax As I get into the whole special effects make up and all the cool tutorials associated with this art, I noticed how pricey some of the materials are, so…I did some research and came up with this recipe for … Continue reading

Maggots – Super easy to make DIY Maggots tutorial

How to make maggots with liquid latex

Super easy Liquid Latex Maggots tutorial This tutorial is quite impressive, especially considering how easy, quick and cheap it is to complete. In this easy DIY tutorial and video we are making Maggots! Yep, those creepy crawly critters that are the larvae of the blow fly and other flies. These slimy … Continue reading

Guts – How to make realistic guts and intestines

How to make guts and intestines

Tutorial for making realistic guts and intestines In this tutorial we are going to make realistic guts and intestines out of easy to find materials. Use this in your next gory video, Halloween prop, or prank someone with these bloody entrails! See the video here: http://youtu.be/vImYNEk-Fd8   Materials and Tools: … Continue reading