Spellbook 1 – How to make an Illuminati Spell Book

Tutorial to make an Illuminati All-seeing Eye Spell Book

This is a really cool and easy tutorial to make a creepy corpsed Illuminati Spell Book. This prop has the “all-seeing” eye and it glows with the flameless votive inside it. Go ahead and make this spell book, but beware the knowledge of the New World Order…

Illuminati Spell Book Tutorial

Illuminati Spell Book Tutorial

I strongly suggest you watch the video so you can see the techniques applied. It’s difficult to convey the whole process in writing.

Video below or click here

Tools and materials:

Old damaged book (please don’t destroy a good book!)

Prison toilet paper (or any institutional toilet paper without a pattern)

One follow me eye (tutorial HERE)

School Glue


Natural twine

Exterior latex paint

Acrylic paints

Hot glue gun

Flameless votive candle

Mod Podge

Food coloring

Blood Red Nail Polish

Step 1

Cut a hole in the middle of the book’s front cover. This whole needs to be slightly smaller than the follow me eye. Glue eye over the whole you just cut.

Step 2

Mix one part water with one part school glue. Paint over a section of the book and lay some wrinkled toilet paper over it. Gently press it onto the book. Dab over it with a brush dipped in the glue/water solution. Do this over the whole book, avoiding the eye. Let this first layer dry thoroughly.

Step 3

Twist some strips of toilet paper and glue from one side of the eye to the other to make eye lids. Do the same for the bottom eye lid. Use glue/water mix and paint the upper and lower side of the eye. Corpse with toilet paper, connecting the eye lid (twisted paper) to the rest of the book…like skin. Let dry.

Step 4

Twist more paper and glue onto the book to make a triangle around the eye. Make another triangle immediately around the first triangle and glue in place.

Step 5

Paint the whole book (except the eye) with black latex paint. Let dry.

Step 6

Starting with the darkest fleshy colors start drybrushing over the whole book. Start with reddish orange and work your way to a skin pink, letting dry in between layers.

Step 7

Mix some Mod Podge with one drop of each Red, Blue, Green and Yellow food coloring until you get a brown stain. Brush over the whole book and let dry.

Step 8

Using some blood color nail polish, paint between the triangle rolls of toilet paper so it looks like a cut in skin.

Step 9

Carefully sew the twisted rolls of toilet paper with the twine, so that it looks like patches of skin sewn together.

Step 10

Using a very sharp knife, or scissors, cut a hole into the pages of the book and recess the flameless votive into the book, right behind the glass follow me eye.

You are done!! Now go decorate your house with this book of Universal Knowledge. A true illuminati artifact. Go dominate the world and start your very own new world order!!

Video Here:


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