Monster Tutorials In-Between Show Episode 4

The Monster Tutorials In-Between Show EpisodeĀ 4

In this episode we have:

Question from a viewer:

Do you take your collectibles, such as horror Pop figures, out of the box, or keep them boxed?

As always, the answer is: “It depends” So I ask you, what do you want to do with your collectibles? I like to really enjoy them, I buy them for myself, so I open them, display them and handle them. I let my kids play with them, gently.

But if the reason you get collectibles is as an investor, then, by all means don’t open them. Don’t even keep them on a shelf, since they’ll start deteriorating immediately with UV light, dust etc.

I do have an unopened collectible, and that’s because I’m giving it away at the end of the show!

Today’s technique:

We are tinting glass jars and bottles for cheap…and easy

Mix equal parts of Mod Podge and water with food coloring of your choice. Pour into glass jar and swish around. Pour the excess out and let the bottle dry upside down. Repeat this process until you reach the level of tinting you want. Super easy! Make old looking bottles and more. But only store dry things in these. Any wet stuff will start dissolving the Mod Podge.

Next tutorial:

Teeth part 2 – Realistic teeth made from hot glue



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TWD Pop Figure Giveaway

TWD Pop Figure Giveaway

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