Monster Tutorials In-Between Show Episode 3

The Monster Tutorials In-Between Show Episode 3

In this Episode 3 of the Monster Tutorials “In-Between” Show we have 3 main areas:

  • Question from a viewer:

One of our Instagram followers asked me why I hadn’t done the Horror Block Unboxing video yet, since I was supposed to have received it already. The answer was that I had gone on vacation with my family and had missed the deliver of the HorrorBlock subscription. By the time you read this, the unboxing video will be ready. I also added a video of me during a brainstorming session during my vacation…

  • Technique of the day:

In this show we demonstrate an easy way to make copper patina. This is a useful technique for making steampunk props or different apparatus that need to look corroded and not all shiny, like copper usually comes.

For this technique all we need is salt, ammonia and water. Click the video to see how easy we can make this cool effect.

  • Upcoming tutorials

In the next tutorial we are doing 4 different types of teeth. These vary from simple and easy to really realistic. Use these on your props, or simply in a jar as a medical sample…or a serial killer’s collectible memento.

I hope you enjoy the show. Have an awesome day!


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