SFX Holes Makeup – Trypophobia and eggs and maggots SFX makeup

Special Effects Holes and maggots makeup tutorial

Here’s our very own version of the famous and really creepy holes makeup. This SFX (special effects) makeup is really easy to do and has awesome impact and creep and gag factor. Try it out and tag us @monsterutorials in Instagram!
Make sure to check the video below, since it’s easier to explain visually than in writing!

SFX Holes Trypophobia Makeup Tutorial

SFX Holes Trypophobia Makeup Tutorial

Tools and Materials

DIY or professional Nose and Scar Wax (tutorial here or buy here)
Small beads (about a 1/8″ diameter) for eggs
DIY maggots
Fake Blood (make your own here or buy here)
Black nail polish
Liquid latex (optional)

Step 1

Apply a small layer of liquid latex over the area of the make up. This will make your skin tacky and will help hold the Nose and Scar wax in place. Let dry. While the latex is drying, use some black nail polish and paint a few beads so the look like shiny black eggs (imagine large fish eggs). Set aside to dry.

Step 2

Place a small amount of nose and scar wax on the latex and press down. Start smoothing it down with your fingers and then with a spatula that has some petroleum jelly on it. Make sure to feather the edges onto your skin.

Step 3

Dab the wax with a sponge to help reduce the shine and also aid with some skin looking texture.

Step 4

With a rounded tip, like the end of a paint brush (about 1/8″) make some holes in the wax. Make sure to put a bit of petroleum jelly on it so the wax doesn’t stick to it. Make as many, or as few holes as you want. You can also vary the diameter of the holes.

Step 5

Select a few of the holes and press some bead “eggs” into them.

Step 6

In the rest of the holes, gently paint the bottom with black make up to make them look deeper and then add drops of fake blood to them and around the “wound” area.

Step 7

To enhance the look, add a few maggots. Put some coming out of the holes, some crawling around. Have fun with this.

How to make latex maggots

How to make latex maggots

Step 8

You are done! Take pics of your makeup, share online and then go and creep some peeps up! My kids were gagging when they saw the make up. My wife, not so much…she’s a nurse and has seen everything. You should also, add your own creativity like more holes?, maybe green eggs? Or even worms instead of maggots. Go wild.

See video below!

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