Monster Tutorials In-Between Show Episode 2

The Monster Tutorials In-Between Show Episode 2

In this episode of The “In-Between Show”

We recap the previous tutorial, which was the Corpsed Eye Horrornament. We talk about having a whole series of horrornaments and possibly making a playlist to refer to during that slow time between Halloween and Christmas.

We also answer a viewer’s question in relation to adding angels and cherubs to a haunted house or Halloween decoration and how to make them evil.

My vague answer is: “It depends”, but from a personal choice, my answer is to always address the eyes. I usually paint them all black. In addition, or alternatively we could add tears to the angel. These can be just black paint, or straight out fake blood tears. I also like to make my decorations grungy, so for a new angel, like the on in the video, I would mix up a stain and paint the cherub. One thing with eyes is: shiny eyes make something look alive and dull, matte eyes usually make something look dead. So “alive” shiny eyes on a stone angel, will be a nice creepy addition (since the stone is usually dead).

Creepy Horror Dolls Show Notes

Creepy Horror Dolls Show Notes

The tip or technique of the day is home-made DIY crackle finish:

Creepy Horror Dolls Show Notes

Creepy Horror Dolls Show Notes

You may have noticed the cool crackle finish on evil dolls, as well as Martha Stewart’s antiqued bread cabinet. This cool look can easily be achieved with this expensive product. If, however, your like doing things on the cheap and frugal way, then here’s how we do it!
You will need two colors of paint and school glue. That’s it! First, paint your piece with a base color (the color you want to be seen through the cracks of the top paint. In the video demo, the base coat is the bone color of the skull (see video, so you can see what I’m talking about).
Once dry, paint your piece with school glue (the thicker the coat, the bigger the cracks). Once painted, let the glue dry for around 5 minutes so it develops a thin skin, but is still wet underneath. Don’t let it dry all the way, or it won’t work.
Apply your second paint color, or top coat, directly on the glue, gently, so as not to disturb the glue underneath, but just to cover it with a layer of paint.
Sit back, relax and watch the cracks from as the glue, under the paint, dries and shrinks, causing the top color of paint to develop the cool cracks.
Do cracks…don’t do crack though.
In the video, there’s also a section of time lapse video to show you the cracks forming.

During this show, my new cat Finn, paid us a visit and joint the video. He’ll be a regular in our show due to the great feedback.

And for the upcoming tutorial, we are taking a stab at the famous, creepy and blood curling “holes” makeup. But, we’ll be also adding maggots and eggs. Super gross, don’t miss it!!

That’s all for this episode of the show, watch it below and subscribe to the Monster Tutorials channel so you don’t’ miss any upcoming shows or tutorials.



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