Monster Tutorials In-Between Show Episode 1

Monster Tutorials “In-Between Show” Episode 1

Welcome to the first Monster Tutorials “In-Between” Show.

Why the show?


I have 3 or 4 reasons for this:

  • To bridge the gap between tutorials. The time between tutorials is sometimes as much as 2-3 weeks when you consider sourcing materials, research, videoing and especially…editing video.
  • To answer viewers’ questions. We get a ton of questions and comments. I usually reply individually, but have realized that there is a ton of value sharing the answer with all the viewers.
  • To show a tip or technique that doesn’t warrant a whole tutorial. This is the perfect opportunity to show the many tricks and tips I have for which a whole tutorial is not necessary.
  • Finally to recap the last tutorial and tell you about upcoming tutorials!


In this first show we answer the following question in relation to our DIY Nose and Scar Wax Tutorial:


“great tutorial, but how durable is it? would it last thru a home haunt on Halloween with lots of movement or is it better for minimal movement? thanks”


My short answer is “No, not really”, but the long answer is that this wax is excellent for practicing special effects make up without spending a ton of money on professional Nose and Scar Wax, as well as for pictures or a short horror film where you are just using one take or so. This wax will melt with your body heat and is very soft, so it’s not recommended for extended use, or for very active actors.


The tip or technique of the day is School Glue vs Mod Podge for glass treatments:


If you want to tint glass, but want it to be clear, use Mod Podge mixed with water and food coloring. This will stain the glass, but maintain the transparency. This is great for stained windows or to fake vintage glass.

For an opaque look use School Glue instead, also mixed with water and food coloring. This will glaze the glass with an opaque coating that you can’t see through. I used this technique for my antique lantern and witches’ lanterns in order to have the light glow eerily through the glass, without revealing the “crappy” dollar store fake LED candle.


And for the upcoming tutorial, we are taking on Christmas and infiltrating some Halloween horror into this holiday’s decorations. We are making horrornaments! In this case, a corpsed eye horrornament!

Eyeball Horrornament Tutorial

Eyeball Horrornament Tutorial

That’s all for this first show, make sure to watch it below and subscribe to the Monster Tutorials channel.

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