Horrornament 1 – DIY Corpsed Eye Horror Christmas Ornament

How to make “Horrornaments” tutorial – The evil eye DIY holiday ornament

Here’s a really cool tutorial to cure those Halloween blues, especially during the holidays that follow. This “horrornament” will fit perfectly in your Christmas tree or could hang creepily anywhere else…like your rearview mirror. For this cool tutorial, we’ll use the realistic eyes tutorial and for the texture, glue and toilet paper corpsing.

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Eyeball Horrornament Tutorial

Eyeball Horrornament Tutorial

Tools and Materials

Plain undecorated foam ornament
Toilet Paper
A realistic half eyeball (tutorial here)
School glue
Acrylic paints
Burlap or hemp string
Hair for eyelashes (optional)

Eye Horrornament Tutorial

Eye Horrornament Tutorial

Step 1

Carefully carve a small hole in the ornament in order to recess the eye a bit. Hint: Use eyes in opposite ends of the ornament so that it stays balanced when it hangs! I’m using one for this particular ornament.

Step 2

Glue eye into the recessed hole of your ornament

Eye Horrornament Tutorial

Eye Horrornament Tutorial

Step 3

Using a mix of 1/2 water and 1/2 school glue, start “corpsing” the ornament. Use a paintbrush and paint the mix onto the ornament and then lay a layer of toilet paper on top (easier to see in the video). Using the wet toilet paper, make wrinkles and other features on the ornament. Let dry between layers of “toilet paper mache”.

Step 4

Using the toilet paper and water/glue mix create eyelids for the eye. Hint: You could sandwich a layer of hairs between another layer of toilet paper to create eyelashes.

Eye Horrornament Tutorial

Eye Horrornament Tutorial

Step 5

Once fully corpsed, paint the whole ornament (except the eyeball) with a dark color. I’m using black exterior latex paint. Let dry.

Eye Horrornament Tutorial

Eye Horrornament Tutorial

Step 6

Start drybrushing coats of lighter paint letting dry between coats.

Step 7

If the colors are too lively, make a glaze out of a tablespoon of Mod Podge and a drop of red food color and a drop of green color. This should create a brownish stain. Coat the ornament and let dry, this will age and “grunge” your ornament.

Step 8

Using a piece of burlap string, or hemp string, replace the shiny ornament string. Stain this burlap with fake blood or some red paint. Also, add some clear nail polish to the eyeball to make it look wet and shiny.

Eye Horrornament Tutorial

Eye Horrornament Tutorial

Step 9

VOILA!! Your ornament is ready, now just hang in on your tree and keep the Halloween spirit living in every season and Holiday!!

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