Easy DIY Wound Wax – How to make your own Nose and Scar Wax

Super easy and cheap recipe for DIY Nose and Scar Wax

As I get into the whole special effects make up and all the cool tutorials associated with this art, I noticed how pricey some of the materials are, so…I did some research and came up with this recipe for DIY nose and scar wax. This is super easy to make and the materials can be found at your nearest dollar store. In a true “dollar” store, you shouldn’t spend more than 3-4 dollars on the materials for this tutorial. If you want to skip this whole tutorial and get started with your make up, just click here for professional nose and scar wax.

See the video for this tutorial below for a bonus “hand injury” tutorial using this very wax!

DIY Nose and Scar Wax

DIY Nose and Scar Wax

Tools and materials

Corn starch




Popsicle sticks

Container to store finished wax

DIY Nose and Scar Wax

DIY Nose and Scar Wax

Step 1

Put 2 tablespoons of cornstarch in your bowl, add a tablespoon of vaseline and a tiny squirt or pinch of foundation (this goes a long way).

Using the popsicle stick mix all the ingredients until fully incorporated and smooth. Make a ball with the wax, if it’s too sticky, add more cornstarch. On the other hand, if the putty is too dry and is crumbling off, just add a bit more vaseline.

Step 2

Put a dab of wax on your hand and decide if the color is close (doesn’t have to be a perfect match). Add more foundation if needed. So other types of makeup can be added slowly to achieve other colors (I used my wife’s left over eyeshadow to darken my wax).

Step 3

DIY Nose and Scar Wax

DIY Nose and Scar Wax

You are pretty much done, time to let your creativity run wild and get your SFX makeup on the fast track. Make sure to click on the video tutorial below to see how I make this DIY Nose and Scar Wax, as well as an easy, but really realistic cut.


DIY Nose and Scar Wax

DIY Nose and Scar Wax


DIY Nose and Scar Wax

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