Blank Mask – How to make a paper mache base mask for corpsing

In this easy video tutorial we will make a base mask that is blank. I use these blanks all the time to make all kinds of cool display masks. By corpsing them with toilet paper and glue or liquid latex, I make witches, zombies, devils and more.

Materials and Tools

Wig head or other base form

School Glue

Newspaper strips

Aluminum Foil

Masking Tape

Here’s a picture of a fully corpsed blank mask:

How to make a base blank mask for corpsing

How to make a base blank mask for corpsing


This tutorial doesn’t have traditional steps, but has a really detailed video below.

For the blank masks, all I do is cover a wig head or other form (skull, other mask, etc) with aluminum foil and I press it gently until it takes the form of the form (duh!). Then I cover the whole aluminum foil with masking tape.

Once covered in masking tape, I mix a 50/50 ratio of school glue and water and I brush this over the taped surface. I then stick strips of newspaper to the mask. I then apply more glue mix on top. Let this dry thoroughly and repeat 3 to 5 times, depending how thick and sturdy you want your mask.

When dry, carefully remove the mask from the form and remove the foil if desired. Your blank base paper mache mask is complete! Now go crazy and corpse it as creatively as possible and post a pic on our Facebook page!


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