Pumpkin 1 – How to make a flaming pumpkin prop, like the one on Sleepy Hollow

Easy tutorial to make a (fake) flaming pumpkin. With a great burning and blazing effect

In this (super easy) tutorial, we will be making a flaming pumpkinā€¦that is not really flaming. This is the perfect and quintessential Halloween prop and it resembles the flaming pumpkin from the Legend of Sleepy Hollow! Place on your front porch and everyone will beĀ  drawn to your house, like moths to a flame.

Link to video HERE

Materials and Tools:

Fake pumpkin (hollow and carveable)

Fog machine (this is the one I recommend)

Rotating Disco ball spot light (also called fire and ice, click here to see)

Plastic container

Plastic tube

Step 1

Carefully carve a face on your pumpkin. Also, cut a hole about 5-6 inches in diameter on the top and bottom of the pumpkin.

Flaming Pumpkin Tutorial

Flaming Pumpkin Tutorial

Step 2

Cut a hole, same size as the one on the bottom of your pumpkin on top of the plastic container. Cut a hole on the side of the plastic container slightly larger than the diameter of your plastic tube.

Flaming Pumpkin Tutorial

Flaming Pumpkin Tutorial

Step 3

Hot glue Disco Ball spotlight in the plastic container with the light aiming up the hole on top of the container. Run the cable out the back of the container.

Unfortunately I didn’t get a pic of the spotlight in the prop, so please see the video where it shows the whole process…thanks!!

Flaming Pumpkin Tutorial

Flaming Pumpkin Tutorial

Step 4

Align bottom hole on pumpkin and top hole on container and hot glue together.

Hot glue one end of the plastic tube to the plastic container side hole and the other end to the fog tube of your fog machine.

Flaming Pumpkin Tutorial

Flaming Pumpkin Tutorial

Step 5

You are done! I told you this was super easy. All you need to do now is find a spot for your prop and use some hay bales, burlap or other pumpkins to hide your plastic container, fog machine and cables.

Flaming Pumpkin Tutorial

Flaming Pumpkin Tutorial

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